Mayo Library and Facebook

Mayo Florida Library is a Branch of 3 Rivers Library System
Mayo Florida Library is a Branch of 3 Rivers Library System
While we are gathering information, getting more pictures, talking to more businesses in and around Mayo we thought we would create a Facebook page to go along with our website. The more people who know of what Mayo has to offer and share that with their friends and relatives the better. We want to promote all the businesses in Lafayette County Florida as well as bring new businesses into the area. The more people who visit the area, shop in the stores, use the county services and buy homes the better for everyone who enjoys this area. Continue reading “Mayo Library and Facebook”


MayoFLA05062013 (49)Welcome to the first posting of the Town of Mayo informational website. We are gathering information about the town of Mayo, Florida and the surrounding county of Lafayette. Mayo is the county seat of Lafayette County Florida. We are going to include information about the local businesses including restaurants, places to get food, gas, buy supplies, places to stay and just because stuff. We will be posting information about the area schools, recreational areas, churches and more. We are encouraging locals to send us information about local events, flea markets, sporting events, sales, and whatever else they want to share with their local community and the surrounding area.
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