Where to Get What You Need

MayoFLA05062013 (13)Where do you get what you need in Lafayette County Florida? I mean where do you get a license, mail a letter, find a good sandwich, complain to the city, start your utility services, get a business permit, get your dog his shots or even where the local fire department is to get your blood pressure checked. All these questions and more will be answered in the pages of this informational website.

Below Are The Pages we are working on. If you have more information about these things and wish to share your special knowledge that new comers may need to know please CONTACT US and we will post that information right away!

Mayo Business Directory – All Other businesses within Lafayette County Florida

Food, Gas and Supplies – Groceries, Household Supplies, Gas for Your Car and Restaurant Food

For Sale
Personal Property
Commercial Property
Residential Property

Church Information – All the Places of Worship in Lafayette County Florida

Day Care For Your Children Including VPK Programs

Schools For Your Kids – Public, Private and Online

Government Services Such as Getting Your Drivers License, Paying Your Taxes, Post Office, Library, Police and Fire/Rescue

Medical Services – Doctors, Clinics for People and Animals

Utilities such as Electric, Gas, Phone and TV

Our Services to the Community Local Mayo Busineses, Groups and Churches get your inexpensive website!