MayoFLA05062013 (121)There are only really two public schools that service the entire Lafayette County Area and they are Lafayette High School and Lafayette Elementary School and both of those are located in Mayo, Florida. Until the populations grows more there will be no money for any more new schools. There are 1200 students between the two schools and families are given choices of either the school in the county, a school outside the county, a virtual school or home schooling. Once the choice has been made and the school district has approved there are no appeals. There is no information about elementary school times, bus schedules or how to enroll online on any of the pages of the website. You will have to go to the school board building or the appropriate school to enroll your child should you move into the district.

Lafayette County Florida has no higher learner institutes within the county either. College bound students must travel to Madison, Live Oak or down to one of the other larger cities to attend any technical, community of regular college programs.

Lafayette County School Board
363 NE Crawford Street
Mayo, Florida 32066
(386) 294-1351


Lafayette Elementary School
811 East Main Street
Mayo, Florida 32066
(386) 294-2882
Pre-K to 5th Grade

Lafayette High School
160 NE Hornet Drive
Mayo, Florida 32066
(386) 294-1701
6th to 12th Grade
8:15am to 3:00pm regular schedule
8:15 to 1:00pm early release schedule
8:15 to 2:25pm Activity schedule


Virtual School

Florida Virtual School


Lighthouse Christian Academy
771 N Highway 51
Mayo, Fl 32066
Phone: (386) 294-3089
Fax: (386) 294-2994
Jennifer Roberts, School Administrator
Preschool and K-12