Residential Property For Sale

If you have a house, trailer or even an apartment for sale, lease or rent you can list it here too. Our informational website will be glad to list your property here if you are trying the “FOR SALE BY OWNER” thing. We do not charge for the service and we can list your house, trailer or apartment here for 60 days. You never know what leads this page will produce. Just remember we do not arbitrate disputes, we are not license real estate people, we are only given you a forum or showcase for your property. You can send us a flyer you have created by scanning it into your computer, if you didn’t create it on there in the first place that is, we can accept any documents in Microsoft Word or Acrobat Reader format. You need to go to the CONTACT US page and fill in the information, attach your picture or document and we will do the rest. Please be honest in your description as possible.

If you do get a buyer, renter or lease agreement we need you to contact us again as soon as possible so we can take the add off. There is nothing worse to a buyer to find something they are interested in, take the time to call about it just to find out it has already sold. Of course, if you do get a sale we hope you will remember us and hit the little “DONATE” button below.

Lafayette County Florida only has one apartment complex:

Lafayette Apartments
126 SE Land Avenue
Mayo, Florida 32066
Phone: (386) 294-2720
Email: None Listed
Website: NONE