Student Reporters and Business Websites


We have finally gotten our website filled out with lots of information about Lafayette County Florida. And now we are looking for Student Intern Reporters and Guest Reporters to write about events, sports, business and general happenings within the county.

Each student intern will be responsible for their assigned area, research their own articles, interview their subjects, take pictures and write their own articles. Each intern will receive credit for their writing and a letter of recommendation at the end of their term of service. We prefer that the students be living in Lafayette County Florida and between the ages of 16 to 18. Those under 18 will need a parent’s signature on the application before being accepted. Each reporter needs access to a computer, the internet, a digital camera (or decent camera cellphone) and love to write. The interns will only have to post one article a week each as well as do their own editing, arrange the pictures on the post, updated our pages when necessary and promote our website and the articles to their friends and family.

We have an online application that can be downloaded, fill out, sign and scan back into your computer for uploading to the owner at: Or you can use the CONTACT US form to attach your application in either a Microsoft Word document, Acrobat Reader PDF or even a Picture File. All files must be less than 1MB in size. If you have to attach more than one file you can put in the Subject Field, page ___ of ___ Student Intern Application. DOWNLOAD APPLICATION

We have also created a Flyer that you can download and print out to show your family and friends: Download Student Flyer For more information about the duties and responsibilities of our reporters including the Student Interns and Guest Reporters please see our Be an Intern or Guest Reporter Page. Once you have been accepted your name, small picture and mini bio will be posted on Our Reporters page! We look forward to hearing from you!


If you are a local small business located within the confines of Lafayette County Florida and were thinking about getting a website to advertise your business then we are what your are looking for. To promote Lafayette County and Mayo, Florida we are offering ALL small business, church groups, civic organizations and government entities within the county a low-cost, fully functional website on our domain for the only $30 per site. We can only offer this to the first 75 people who contact us within the next few months. That’s right your Farm Business, Dairy Business, Store, Restaurant, Motel, Auto and Truck Repair, Road Side Vegetable Stand, Storage Facility, Church Group, Civic Organization or club can now have its own website to communicate with your customers, members, or future customers and members.

If you want to communicate with potential customers who may be visiting our area soon then you really need a website. More and more people are relying on the smartphones, computers, cellphones and other wireless devices for information about the things they need when they need it. There is too much incorrect information out on the web through general search sites that it is hard to find information about this area specifically. Just because this is one of the smallest counties in the state doesn’t mean we cannot project a “Professional” appearance and attract new customers, new businesses, and more tax payers to the area. This is a great area to live and work.

We will promote your website on this online resource, our Facebook Pages, Tweets on Twitter and make sure that your website is search engine friendly. Once we create your website it will be online and ready for your information, pictures, and updates within 48 hours. You will receive simple but detailed instructions on how to sign onto your website, make changes, add or delete pages, information and pictures. You can post information about your upcoming sales, new merchandise, change in store hours, and any upcoming events you want. This website will not need to be renewed nor will you be charged for any additional services. We will check your website every month or so to make sure that it is still working, has been updated and has all the background codes for the major search engines to be able to find it quickly. If, at the end of the year, you feel that your website has contributed to your business and you are able to send us any money then donations are always welcome. Please see Our Service page for more details.

We have created a Flyer for you to download, view on your computer or print out. DOWNLOAD BUSINESS FLYER.

Author: jolenemac78

I am a single mother and grandmother traveling around the state of Florida visiting all the Florida State Parks writing reviews, taking pictures, creating movies, making bead and wire jewelry for sale and creating websites for those who need them.