Start a Mobile Boutique Business

MobileFoodIdeas (1)What this county needs to be put on the map is some new ideas. We want to start a Mobile Boutique Festival that is held about once a month or once every three months. The first few events can be held at the Veteran’s Memorial Park with local and school bands providing the entertainment. It can even be held at a different Community Center each quarter to spice things up. Most of the Community Centers have lots of room to hold events and the Center’s building itself can be used by various charity organizations in and around the county to put up displays for the public. Of course, there will be food vendors too. The main thing is to have colorful and unique mobile shops that are all vintage trailers or old renovated RVs. This type of event has been growing over the years and could be a great draw for the county. Local businesses can get involved by creating their own “shop on wheels”, giving discounts to local people for painting, renovating supplies, putting up flyers in their brick-n-mortar stores, posting about the events on their websites and Facebook pages, etc.

Do you own an old travel trailer that you could renovate into a “shop on wheels”? Maybe you know a friend or relative who has one sitting in yard, barn or out on some land somewhere. They might even donate it so that you and your family and friends can give it new life as a mobile boutique. There are lots of places on the web where you can get some ideas, tips and tricks on how to convert a vintage travel trailer or old RV into your special shop and sell your goods. You can sell your home-grown fruits, vegetables, home-made jams and jellies, handcrafted items, or even vintage clothing, tools, etc. Lafayette County can be the mecca for mobile businesses to come and share their wares thus attracting lots of visitors from all over the state. This idea is much more unique than a monthly Flea/Farmer’s Market and could attract lots of people just curious to see what it is all about.

The county can charge a small vendor’s fee, the Chamber of Commerce could get new members and be responsible for advertising and our residents can have first dibs on spaces for the event. I am sure there are lots of creative and innovated people in our county who can come up with unique mobile shop ideas to attract customers. With the consistent marketing everyone can make a little money. Talk about it, share it and let’s get this thing rolling soon!

Author: jolenemac78

I am a single mother and grandmother traveling around the state of Florida visiting all the Florida State Parks writing reviews, taking pictures, creating movies, making bead and wire jewelry for sale and creating websites for those who need them.