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LafayetteCoSettlersPromoting local writers is another function of this website. Not only do we wish to be a comprehensive resource for anyone wishing to visit and possibly even relocate to the area but we would like to let everyone know that we have some pretty great authors living here as well as great farmers, timber people and places to camp and swim. To that end we have created an Amazon Affiliate mini-store (TOM AStore) page that gathers together books and other products for and about Mayo and Lafayette County Florida. Not only historical books that have been published about the area but we would like to feature local writers as well.

This section is just getting started and we hope to add more to it as we gather more information about local authors. If you are a local published writer or know of some please use the form below and let us know their names, book titles and any social media pages and/or websites they may have. Not every author publishes on Amazon but we will be happy to do a write up of each one and where their books can be purchased. It would be nice to have a comprehensive book list of every single book written about Lafayette County Florida as well as having a listing of local published writers, their contact information, the book titles and where they can be purchased. We want ALL genres listed to appeal to a wider range of readers. There is nothing like a little free publicity to help get your writing career moving so we hope all you writers out there in the area will give us a SHOUT OUT!

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