Have You Been to Troy Springs State Park Recently

TSSP05062015 (1) (Copy) Have You Been to Troy Springs State Park Recently? It has a picnic area with barbecue grills under shady oak and pine trees, lovely breezes and a view of the Suwannee River along with fishing from the floating dock. The spring is currently still flooded but for only $5 per car load you can still have a great day enjoying yourself with your family and friends. Hopefully, before school lets out for the summer the river water will have gone down enough so that the Troy Springs park ranger, Tina, will be able to open that area up to swimmers and divers. We have been here for 7 days now and it is very quiet and peaceful here. We have seen a large hawk swooping around the horse barn area on it’s daily rounds, a small group of young deer moving between the water management land areas and here in the mornings and late afternoons and some large rabbits bouncing here and there.
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Start a Mobile Boutique Business

MobileFoodIdeas (1)What this county needs to be put on the map is some new ideas. We want to start a Mobile Boutique Festival that is held about once a month or once every three months. The first few events can be held at the Veteran’s Memorial Park with local and school bands providing the entertainment. It can even be held at a different Community Center each quarter to spice things up. Most of the Community Centers have lots of room to hold events and the Center’s building itself can be used by various charity organizations in and around the county to put up displays for the public. Of course, there will be food vendors too. The main thing is to have colorful and unique mobile shops that are all vintage trailers or old renovated RVs. This type of event has been growing over the years and could be a great draw for the county. Local businesses can get involved by creating their own “shop on wheels”, giving discounts to local people for painting, renovating supplies, putting up flyers in their brick-n-mortar stores, posting about the events on their websites and Facebook pages, etc.
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What Are You Doing New This Year

Downtown MayoWhat are you doing new this year? Well, we have moved our website to a new hosting account which we hope will be faster and more reliable. We are still looking to have a couple of student intern reporters to help out with posting new upcoming events as well as posting reviews of past events. We will be pushing the “For Sale” section of the website more this coming year and hope you will participate in the discussions, sending us information about your business, church and school upcoming events. And finally, we can always use Guest Reporters as well. Guest Reporters can just post one article or as many as they want. We just need about 400 to 1000 words and a couple of pictures to post. We want to feature any local business, local writer, local boy scout group, local girl scout group or charitable events being held in Lafayette County Florida in the coming year.
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Happy Holidays to Lafayette County Florida Residents

ChristmasSnowmanSeason’s Greetings and Happy Holidays to all our readers, subscribers as well as family and friends. We may not get snow this year, “please no snow”, but with all the rain we have had over the last 12 months we can only hope that we will have better luck in the coming year. It would be nice to have evenly distributed rain to help with crops, cut down on mosquitoes and maybe give the county a chance to repair the roads that have developed those pot holes. I don’t know about you but pot holes and wash-out roads are truly bad on the old car suspension and tires.

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Meet Local Authors at the Library


Meet Local Authors at the Library on November 21st. It should be a great event with food. All are local north Florida writers with published books that they will be signing and offering for sale at the event. Should be a great event to pick up some special Christmas presents as well as ask these authors questions about their books, writing and maybe even getting published.

These authors have already given talks and participated in events at Dixie County Library on November 7th as well as Gilchrist County Library on November 14th and both were a great success. It is always nice to meet the authors whose books you read and get a chance to interact with them. We hope you will take the time to be at our own Lafayette County Library on Friday, November 21st from 4:00pm to 7:00pm.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving. May you and your family have safe and enjoyable one.

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