Terms And Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions are very simple. You buy a mini-website from us you agree to pay the $30.00 fee, once the website is created you will upload your own pictures, add your own pages, type in your information and keep your website updated.

If you need any assistance we will be happy to help. You will need to use our Contact form with your name, email, website address, a contact phone number and a description of your problem or inquiry. We will try to contact you by the next business day or sooner if we are able to. The websites are for Mayo, Florida and the surrounding Lafayette County residents, business, groups, clubs and churches. This deal is only for the first 75 requests.

After the initial 75 requests or if you would have your own website without the “TownOfMayo.org” extension you will have to pay the Full Price of $200. This will get you a fully functional website with your own domain name, three pages already created, in the colors of your choice and the first couple of pictures already uploaded and ready to go as well as your own email address with your domain name extension. This will be only for one year. We will also do the initial SEO coding and submit your site to all the major search engines. We will have the tools in place to continue to add your SEO tags and search engine submissions for you. The renewal fee for the domain, website hosting, refreshing the look of your website and updating the back-office software will be $200. This price is a yearly fee and well worth it. Should you decide to go with another provided we will send you the instructions on how to transfer your domain to another service.

We do not create websites for gambling, pornography, sex-related sites, or hate groups. We are a family oriented business and expect all of our customers, readers, and subscribers to adhere to this policy as keep your comments rated “G”.

We reserve the right to update, change, or delete any portion of our Terms of Conditions when necessary.