MayoFLA05062013 (79)We are sorry that you are cancelling your purchase of the great discounted rate for a mini-website for your business, group, club or church or the donation. Just Remember you can always come back to our site should you change your mind. And we appreciate you thinking of us.

A couple of things to keep in mind for the future

Giving us a donation for any reason would be great but also sharing in your good fortune in selling, leasing or renting the property you posted on these pages is a very nice thing to do. And it will allows us to help more people within this community. The more contributions we can get the more websites we can create for small business, worthy local projects, special groups and more.

Having a website with up-to-date contact information, what you sell, pictures of your merchandise, perhaps a copy of your menu if you are a restaurant, your operating hours, what services you provide, etc. is the best way today to draw more customers to your business. It is a communication tool that more and more people are relying on. With smartphones, tables, I-Phones, I-Pads and tiny laptops being sold and used more and more everyday most everyone we know uses these devices to look for things that they need and want.

Out of town customers would like to know when you are having a sale, a special, or new merchandise to entice them to come in and check it out. Most vacationers will check online before visiting an area to see what is available. You may not have internet yourself but your local library has computers and the internet you can access for FREE to keep your website up-to-date, check your emails or post new pictures. You can have flyers, booklets, coupons and other advertisements available for download from your website that will also entice new customers and get your old customers coming back.

If you are a group, club or church having a website with online payments and donation buttons would be a great way to allow people to help with your cause, sign-up for a class or get special seating at your event. Raising money for special projects would be easier as well. You can create a page on your website, incorporate a PAYPAL button, and before you know it you have reached your donation goals. Signing up with PAYPAL is FREE and you can transfer your funds directly into your bank account within 3 business days. They have lots of FREE tools to help with donations, sell items online, or sell tickets to raffles or whatever. It is easy to do and we can get you started on your first one at no charge.