Our Service

MayoFLA05062013 (56)For the first 75 Mayo and Lafayette County Florida Businesses, Groups, Clubs or even Churches out there for the small sum of only $30 we will create you a fully functional website off of our domain. It will be associated with the Town of Mayo informational website and we will link your new website in our Business Directory. The website will be in the colors of your choosing, with either no columns, two or three column layout. You can upload your own pictures, type in your information and create as many pages as you like. You will have your own email address as well.

After the website is created we will send you easy step-by-step instructions on how to access your website and email so that you can make changes when needed, check your email and send replies. You will also have the ability to have your customers subscribe to your website so that when you post an update, announce a sale or get in some new inventory your customers will receive email notices automatically. We will subscribe to each of the websites so that we can also announce your sales here for you and on our Facebook page and Twitter account. This is a great opportunity for all the businesses, clubs, groups and churches in the area to get online and attract new business. Vacationers will be able to find your information so that when they want to visit the area they will already know what is available in this area.

Finally, we will check your website every now and then to make sure that it is updated, has the proper SEO tags and submit it to all the search engines about once a month or every time you post an update or add new pages. Communication through a nice, professional website is the least expensive advertising tool in a business persons arsenal. If you have any questions or problems we will be happy to assist you. This is just our way of helping grow the Mayo, Florida area.

This is a great place to live and for now it just needs some help getting new businesses, promoting current businesses, creating jobs, and more and more people will want to visit the area and spend their money here.

SAMPLE ADDRESS: http://your-business-name.townofmayo.org

EMAIL ADDRESS: your-business-name@townofmayo.org

Just Click on the Button Below and You are own your way to communicating with the world about your business, group, church or club!