Happy Mothers Day

PurpleFlowersHappy Mothers Day to all us moms out there! There is so much going on in the month of May that we really deserve a day to be pampered and just to enjoy this bright, beautiful day. Yes, come tomorrow we will have to worry about getting the kids off to school, making sure the garden is doing well, run some errands, prepare the meals, and clean the house. But just for today we hope you will have slept late, got breakfast in bed, sit in your rocking chair on the porch, gotten lots of hugs and kisses from your children, (even the grown ones), and just take it easy for the day.

Heck, why not, even if you aren’t a mom we hope you take a little while and pamper yourself, take a ride in the country, sit by the river and watch it flow or go over the the Gulf and play in the water. Holidays should be enjoyed and with the weather we have had lately it is nice to have a spring kind of feeling day. But hey, it’s Florida don’t forget your sunscreen! And if you are going outdoors make sure you drink lots of liquids.

Till next time!

Author: jolenemac78

I am a single mother and grandmother traveling around the state of Florida visiting all the Florida State Parks writing reviews, taking pictures, creating movies, making bead and wire jewelry for sale and creating websites for those who need them.