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ThanksgivingGourdsOver the last few months we have been getting some email questions and we thought we would post them here so that they might get answered. Communication is the key to get more people to come to Lafayette County, sharing knowledge with others is another way to help bring more visitors and possibly more businesses to the area. Some of the questions I am unable to answer so they will be added below in hopes of our readers will be able to help them out. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you with your questions and we hope to do better over the next year. So, keep them coming and one way or another someone will be able to answer them!

Rev Terry Johnson
Email: tajplj at hotmail dot com
Subject: little league football
Message: Hello I am from Madison fl can someone please give me contact with a coach or Ms. Lisa Walker to set up some games with 8 9 10 year olds we have three teams in Madison

Dear Rev. Johnson: I am sorry but I don’t know of anyone who has a little league football team in Lafayette County Florida. If there is any out there please post a comment below to help them out. It may be too late in the season this year but we can always post events, training and schedules for next year.

Kyle Pekerol
Email: dpekerol at comcast dot net
Subject: Garbage Collection
Message: Could you please provide a phone number for garbage pick up. The number on your web sight is for a FAX. I will be moving to Mayo in the next few weeks and will need to set up garbage collection. Thanks

Dear Mr. Pekerol: I am sorry but they only phone I can find is the one listed on the website. I have, however, found and included a number for the county landfill on the page, hopefully, they will be able to help. If someone out there knows the correct phone number to set up garbage collections for new customers could you please post it below.

Email: bluusgyrl at aol dot com
Subject: track distance
Message: can you tell me the distance around the track? Thanks

Dear Ms. Donna: I am not sure which track you are referring to. If you are referring to the track at the high school we suggest that you call the local high school for information (386) 294-1701. If it is a county park we will have to rely on some of our readers to reply to the question as Lafayette County Florida doesn’t have a Parks and Recreation Department. So, if you know about the tracks in the area could you please post the information in the comments below.

We have made the corrections that have been requested so far to the information available on the website. We have even added the requested information on a Solar Panel Installer as we believe in alternative energy solutions. However, this website is about all things within the Lafayette County Florida borders and those services that specialize in servicing this particular area. If your local business or service is not listed and would like to be please contact us using our CONTACT US form with the information and we will add it as soon as possible.

We hope everyone has a safe and Happy Veteran’s Day (Visit Florida State Parks for FREE that Day, as well as a Happy Thanksgiving in a few weeks!


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