Become An Intern or Guest Reporters

MayoFLA05062013 (50)We are looking for 4 Student Reporter Interns to help us run our website and coordinate articles to be posted every day. This will start out as a summer assignment but will probably last throughout the coming year. We prefer students at least 16 to 18 years of age who love to write, have access to a computer, the internet, a digital camera (Or good quality camera phone) and be willing to write articles at least once a week of 500 to 1000 words each with pictures and/or small videos in the areas they are assigned. This assignment is non-paid but we will be more than willing to write letters of reference to future employers, college counselors or even to your new teachers for extra credit. These letters will be based on your writing skills, dedication to your assignments, and your professionalism.

Once assigned a given area you will be responsible for checking the appropriate email address for future article ideas and requests, creating your articles, editing them and presenting them to the public. Each intern will have their own sign-on account to the website, be able to post articles, edit pages (when necessary), and upload pictures and small videos. Larger videos will have to be uploaded to our YouTube Channel that we will be creating just for this website. You must be respectful in your dealings with people and each other. This is a family website and we will not be posting articles, pages or creating websites that involve gambling, hate-groups, or pornography.

We have four areas that we will be concentrating on including events reporting, sports reporting, business reporting and finally the “catch-all” general reporting. Your posts can be written in advance if you need to take off with your family for vacation or something. One Intern will be assigned to each of these areas. Once we have received your applications and checked your references we will ask your preference as to which area you would like to cover. These assignments will be based on preference, if possible, but once assigned the intern must agree to give it their best. Once our interns are selected we will need a small picture of each intern to post on our Reporters Info Page as well as a brief biographical information. Each intern will be writing these themselves as an introduction to our readers. And you can use the link to this page to share with your friends, family and teachers.

Events Reporting: Any events happening in the Lafayette County Area including church events, town events, scouting events, library events, yard sales, bake sales, moving sales, estate sales, auctions and even club events. If there is nothing going on that week then the events reporter will do a research piece on past events such as “This Day in History”.

Sports Reporting: This position is self-explanatory. Any kind of sporting event that is or will be happening in the Lafayette County Area should be covered. These can include camping, fishing, hunting, martial arts, fitness, canoeing, kayaking, horse back riding, rodeos, as well as the traditional baseball, softball, basketball, soccer and football events. We want to include both male and female events, family sporting events, group sporting events, church sporting events, etc. If there are no sporting events happening then the intern can always review sporting goods shops, Fitness Centers or even historical sports happenings.

Business Reporting: This is probably the easiest area for reporting. The intern can report on sales happening at businesses, business openings, business closings, interview local business owners, commercial property for sale or lease, how to start a business in Lafayette County Florida, major employers in the area, small business help, and even businesses that used to be in the area. We want to encourage people to come here and start their businesses and research into how they can do that is extremely important.

General Reporting: The General Reporting intern will be responsible for coordinating the timing of the articles such as what day of the week each article will post giving preference for those that will be happening the soonest. For Example, Events Reporting every Monday for the following week or every Friday if everything is happening on the weekends. The General Intern will also coordinate any Guest Reporters articles as well. The intern will have to attend the town meetings every month, get permission to attend court sessions open to the public, and check in with the local Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Management Department for any updates, programs or helpful information about the county that these government offices will share. The intern will need to check in with the various agencies in the county such as the Farm Bureau for Agriculture Tips and Warnings, the Health Department with news about their programs, Small Business Administration for their programs for Lafayette County, the Lafayette County School Board for upcoming school registration information, the historical society for information about any fund-raising they are doing, articles they would like to publish, etc.

The interns will be the eyes and ears of the county for our website. They will also have to spread the word about the website, the services available, articles being posted and sharing those with their friends and family members. The website is setup to post on the Facebook Page and Twitter page already but if they would like to share those postings on their own Facebook and Twitter accounts that would be appreciated.

Each Intern will have to fill out an application form, sign it, have a parent co-sign (if under 18) and email it back to us for consideration. If you have access to a scanner you can download and print the application, fill it out legibly, scan it back into either a Microsoft Word, Acrobat Reader or even a Picture File and email it back to the owner at: For those without access to a scanner you can take a legible picture of the document pages and send those to us. Take the picture in natural light with no shadows and use the CONTACT US form to upload the files. In the Subject Box type: Student Intern Position and in the Message box please include the file names and which reporter position you would like to be considered for. You must include your contact information as well and Jolene, the webmaster and owner of the website, will contact you, check your references and make sure your parents agree to the assignment.

GUEST REPORTERS: Anyone in Lafayette County Florida can be a Guest Reporter. Just write your article, save it into either a Microsoft Word Document or Acrobat Reader Format and then contact the corresponding reporter;s email address below with your article and pictures attached. Please include your basic information such as name, phone number and email address and a small picture of yourself to be included with the article. We will need your correct phone number to confirm your article or clarify any details and the valid email address to let you know when the article will be posted. The picture is needed to confirm your identity and besides it is always nice to put a face with the article being posted.

General Reporting: webmaster at townofmayo dot org
Sports Reporting: sports dot reporter at townofmayo dot org
Events Reporting: events dot report at townofmayo dot org
Business Reporting: business dot reporter at townofmayo dot org