Student Reporters and Business Websites


We have finally gotten our website filled out with lots of information about Lafayette County Florida. And now we are looking for Student Intern Reporters and Guest Reporters to write about events, sports, business and general happenings within the county.

Each student intern will be responsible for their assigned area, research their own articles, interview their subjects, take pictures and write their own articles. Each intern will receive credit for their writing and a letter of recommendation at the end of their term of service. We prefer that the students be living in Lafayette County Florida and between the ages of 16 to 18. Those under 18 will need a parent’s signature on the application before being accepted. Each reporter needs access to a computer, the internet, a digital camera (or decent camera cellphone) and love to write. The interns will only have to post one article a week each as well as do their own editing, arrange the pictures on the post, updated our pages when necessary and promote our website and the articles to their friends and family. Continue reading “Student Reporters and Business Websites”

Mayo Library and Facebook

Mayo Florida Library is a Branch of 3 Rivers Library System
Mayo Florida Library is a Branch of 3 Rivers Library System
While we are gathering information, getting more pictures, talking to more businesses in and around Mayo we thought we would create a Facebook page to go along with our website. The more people who know of what Mayo has to offer and share that with their friends and relatives the better. We want to promote all the businesses in Lafayette County Florida as well as bring new businesses into the area. The more people who visit the area, shop in the stores, use the county services and buy homes the better for everyone who enjoys this area. Continue reading “Mayo Library and Facebook”