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First of all, we should address the continued attempts of individuals of getting information sent via email from any of the government departments within Lafayette County Florida. We are not associated with ANY of the governmental offices or officials within the county. We cannot tell you the status of any government contracts, projects, public works, or zoning inquiries. If you have any questions for an official office within the county you will have to go by the office or phone them directly. Most, if not all, do not conduct any inquiries via email. There is only 1 government building in the whole county, besides the post office, and it is located right in the center of town. You cannot miss it.

It looks like this:

Now to get on with your current post. In order to be more proactive in getting new customers/clients for your business today, you will need to create a social media presence. This is in addition to creating a website. The website should be your base while the social media pages can act as “call to action” or a way to keep interests in your business. Yes, it is a pain to keep these things going but they will eventually make a big difference in your future income if you tell people what you do, what you are going to do, what you have on sale as well as any deals or discounts that may get for just coming into your place of business.

Once you have a couple of them set up let us know what they are and we will feature them on our social media accounts. You know, “like”, “share”, “follow”, “retweet” and “repost” your items. We have a Facebook page, Twitter account and Google+ page set up to accompany our website of information. We try to find businesses, clubs, and people who live and work within the county to share and follow on each of them. Once we get more followers within the county we can come up with our own hash tags for each as well as the ones we use so that more people can find your posts quickly. For instance, we would like to start using #LafayetteCoFla, #MayoFlaEvents, #MayoFlaSports, #LafayetteCoFlaSports or something similar to help people find you quickly.

If you look through our pages you will see the social media information for each of the businesses and groups that we have found so far. Click on those links, once you have set your accounts up, and start “liking” and “Following” them. Hopefully, they, in turn, will reciprocate to build up your numbers and get noticed. Of course, if you will contact us with your links we will add them to this website as well as all of our social media pages.

We regularly share, like, etc., posts from Mayo Thriftway, Southern Biscuit Co, Tumbleweeds Barbecue(too bad about them shutting down their mobile restaurant they will be missed), and Lafayette Library. Of course, the only ones we could find on Twitter is the Lafayette High School STEM weather reports and tweets from local musician, Cam Williams. So, if you have a twitter account for your business, church or activities group in the county let us know your user name and we will follow you too.

Now you are asking yourself, what am I suppose to post about every day? The simplest thing would be to take some pictures around your business such as your products, your building, some of your employees working, etc. Then maybe a couple of short videos (less than a minute) of you or your employees stocking the shelves, making your products, providing services to your customers, participating in a charity event or even a short announcement about an upcoming sale. Visual posts generally garner the most responses. You can plot them out on a calendar and in some cases, you can even post them ahead of time using the social media’s scheduled post feature. Facebook has a very nice one.

Then you will need to look at your social media feeds at least once a day to like, follow and share posts, tweets, etc from those who follow you. Before you know it you will have lots of people reading your posts, going over to your website and dropping by your business to buy your products or services.

For our next post, we want to feature a local business in Lafayette County Florida. If you would like your business to have a write-up and be seen by every single person who visits this website and visits our social media pages then get in CONTACT with us with a short summary of your business and email us a couple of pictures. One of you, your building and a couple of the products you offer or services you render. The deadline to be featured is September 15, 2017.

Also if you have any upcoming events you want us to post to the community calendar page please let us know.

Until next time, BE SAFE OUT THERE!

News From Our Email

We have been receiving emails from various people over the last several months and we have finally gotten to the point where we are catching up with our correspondence. Other than questions about property, which should be directed to the Government Services pages for more information, we are posting a few of them below. Perhaps you may find the information interesting, helpful or you may even be able to help them with their inquiry.

Robin Pletzer
​​​​Good ​morning, My name is Robin and I work with the nonprofit Vehicles For Veterans. We are a car donation and recycling program that benefits programs for veterans. I was on ​your website and I was wondering if you would be willing to add our link. Many community websites have found us to be a great resource to include because we are a free service that accepts unwanted vehicles for recycling anywhere in ​Florida. Below is a link to our page if you would like to learn more about Vehicles For Veterans, or you can also email me with any questions. Thank you for your consideration! Robin Pletzer

According to their website:
You have NO costs.
Free pick-up, running or not.
We take care of all the additional paperwork.
We issue you with an IRS tax receipt for your records.
We’ll pick up your donation when it’s most convenient.
We take cars, boats, RVs, Campers and ATV’s.

Shannon Casey
Does the city of Mayo have a Town Clerk and if so what is their email? Thank you, Shannon

If anyone can help Shannon with this information please let us know.

Jeff Stern
Hello, my name is Jeff Stern. I am a skatepark developer at Spohn Ranch Skateparks. It’s been a few years since Spohn Ranch Skateparks has been in communication with Mayo regarding a skatepark development. I wanted to reach out to see if developing a new skatepark has been discussed recently, or if you are planning on developing a new skatepark in the future. Any insight you can share is greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you have any questions, or need any information. I am happy to assist with fundraising advice, site analysis, concept designs, cost analysis, etc… Look forward to your reply, Jeff Stern

Always thought Mayo could use a nice skatepark. If you think this might be of interest to the residents maybe someone could propose it to the next county board meeting!

My name is Mia and I am emailing you on behalf of Senior Guidance (, an organization dedicated to providing helpful senior living resources for the elderly. We have a dedicated section that provides extremely well detailed and thorough information on Florida assisted living: Our website discusses all services available for seniors living in Florida, outlines helpful state programs for seniors and allows to find assisted living facilities in every city in Florida. We would like to ask you to be added as one of the helpful resources on your page: Our website would be of tremendous value to your visitors. Thank you in advance. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know. Sincerely, Mia

Here is a direct link to what they have listed in Mayo, Florida

FYI: We have added a Support Local Artists page with a listing of some of the local crafters, musicians and writers from Mayo, Florida. Check it out!

We will keep updating our Calendar of Events page so please keep checking that as well.

Lafayette County Services

Lafayette County Florida Government Services are mostly all handled in person. That means you really need to come down to the courthouse building in Mayo, Florida to find out where you can get the information you need. They do very little over the internet including emails. Some questions may be answered over the phone and some forms can be mailed out and returned but most things will need to be handled in person. We have gotten quite a few inquiries about properties, liens and even curbside garbage collection. We cannot answer those questions here. We have gathered as much information as we can and have posted it on our Government Services information page:
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Pioneer Day Wrap-Up

2016pioneerdaycancelledSadly, this year’s Pioneer Day was cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew. Since then the Lafayette Activities Group has created a group page for the vendors who didn’t get a chance to offer their products at this year’s event called the Pioneer Day Market: If you were to be a vendor at this year’s event join the group and feature some of the great products you were going to offer. You might want to join the Lafayette Activities Facebook Group page to receive notifications of upcoming events in Lafayette County Florida area.
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Fall is Almost Here

roranch07022015-1Fall is almost officially here and there will be more special events in and around Lafayette County Florida for us to participate and enjoy. Not the least of which is the upcoming Poker Run sponsored by our very own Suwannee River Rendezvous Campground. We hope you have already signed up to participate in the event as it is for a very worthy cause. And, hopefully the weather will cooperate next weekend. Next month they are hosting their annual Suwannee River Clean Up Party. Check out the Events page for more information:

6th Annual Spring Hoppin’ Poker Run
September 24th 9am
$10 a card
Proceeds go to American Combat Veterans Organization that provides assistants to the local Veterans in need
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